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This small village, born with the Palmer Hydroelectric Dam in Paso Palmar, transmits peace, tranquility and the possibility of direct contact with nature to visitors. It is located 75km from Mercedes upstream on the banks of the Río Negro. It was founded to accommodate the construction workers who worked on the construction of the dam between 1977 and 1981.

A highlight of the village is the hydroelectric power plant itself, which brought major changes to the area, mainly for residents of the village of Andresito, who had to be moved completely to the area in which they currently reside, in the department of Flores.

When the level of the lake drops you can see some remains of the village’s buildings.  The great attraction of the area, however, is the Palmar Lake with an area of almost 30,000 hectares where you can enjoy a multitude of activities, from boat trips and water sports to magnificent fishing trips.

Owls, catfish, mojarras, silverside and needle jaw are the most common species in the area. Meanwhile on the other side of the dam, downstream, it is also possible to find the coveted dorado. As night falls, tourists have a range of accommodation options including the Hotel Municipal or picturesque cabins which are rented to the public at very reasonable prices.