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To the west of Colonia del Sacramento, on Route 21, lies the city of Carmelo. This city, which dates back to 1816, has the distinction of having General José Gervasio Artigas, the national hero, as its founder. It has a natural environment full of beauty and serenity, and over the years Carmelo has attracted thousands of tourists seeking relaxation, tranquility, beauty and comfort. Its yacht dock and extensive beaches attract water sport and beach aficionados. In addition, nearby you can find several of the touristic wineries that have already established themselves as a major attraction of the department of Colonia, and which follow the oldest European traditions to produce delicious, international standard wines. Among its various attractions you can also find its characteristic swing bridge, which crosses the Las Vacas River and is the only human traction one in South America; the Jesuit ruins of the country house of Belén, known as Calera de las Huérfanas; and the Narbona country house, the oldest building in Uruguay which is completely original. With its natural beauty and history, Carmelo is an inviting place to visit and enjoy.