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Uruguayan theater is one of the most important of its kind in Latin America. With more than 70 theaters operating at once our billboard is extensive and varied, with classics as well as more modern performances to cater for all tastes.

Solis Theater, founded in 1856, renovated since 1998 and reopened in 2005 is one of the most emblematic buildings in Montevideo, more specifically of the Old City neighborhood.

As far as theatrical events go, strictly speaking, Teatro Solis is the host of the most celebrated acts, particularly by La Comedia Nacional which is funded by the Municipality of the Montevideo.
Since the creation of the Comedia Nacional, theater has taken on a more professional character in Uruguay, where before there was a need for a space dedicated to hosting national theatrical events.

The Comedia Nacional gave their first performance on October 2nd, 1947, “El Leon Ciego” (The Blind Lion) by the Uruguayan playwright, Ernesto Herrera. In 1949, the Catalonian actress, Margarita Xirgu was designated Artistic Director of the Municipal School of Dramatic Arts. Xirgu’s direction guided Uruguayan theater in a more classical direction. Whilst, the Comedia Nacional was gaining attention and popularity, Uruguayan Theater was also slowly developing over the course of the 20th century through independent theater that would eventually become a creative, cultural and social focal point.

The Uruguayan Independent Theater Federation (FUTI) is an entity that represents 20 theater collectives from Montevideo that in addition to acting, are all very committed to their profession, the arts, and social problems in Uruguay.  Amongst some of the more renowned theaters operating today are; Teatro Italia Fausta (Anglo Theater Cultural Center), Teatro La Gaviota (Teatro Stella, Mercedes and Tristan Narvaja), Institución Teatral El Galpón (18 de Julio 1618), Teatro La Candela, (Entrance through Punta Carretas shopping mall), Espacio Teatro (Mercedes 865) and Teatro Victoria (Río Negro 1479).

The Asociación de Teatros del Interior (ATI) is the FUTI equivalent for theater groups outside the capital.