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Over the las 25 years, Uruguayan Cinema has really taken off with award winning films like Wisky and El Baño del Papa.

Uruguayan cinema has more than a century of history. Louis Lumière’s invention made it to Uruguay early, and by 1898 Uruguay had already developed its first documentary film: a bicycle race in the Arroyo Seco racetrack by Felix Oliver. Unfortunately however, the next 100 years would be marked by a lack of resources and intermittent projects.

Despite the odds, Uruguayan cinema has begun to recover, reaching its peak in the last 25 years with national productions being celebrated in film festivals around the world. Likewise, the country has started offering sevices to foreign productions filming within the country, particularly in areas such as publicity, documentary films and feature length films.

Feature films like 25 Watts (2001) were a big boost to the cinematic scene in Uruguay after it received 10 international prizes including Best Film in the Rotterdam International Film Festival and Best Opera Prima in the Havana Film Festival. Since then, Uruguayan films have been winning international prizes year after year.

For those interested in learning more about the evolution of Uruguayan Cinematic Production in the last decades, The Uruguayan Film Commission & Promotion Office provides quality reading material on both national narrative and documentary productions. Here you can also find a piece dedicated to the promotion of the excellent locations Uruguay has to offer for filming.