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Spa Tourism

In the northwestern part of Uruguay, 400 km from Montevideo, in the departments of Salto and Paysandú, there is a wide area of thermal options which are a true gift of nature. The water from the hot springs comes from the Guaraní Aquifer System, which is the largest in South America, and constitutes one of the most important underground water resources on the planet due to its size and the quality and temperature of the water.

In Uruguay, this great water park has temperatures that range between 38°C and 46°C. In the region, tourists find multiple ways to take advantage of this resource: pools of all sizes, shapes and water temperatures, relaxing showers, invigorating jet pools and bubble baths are a temptation to rest, enjoy and leave stress behind. These hot springs, in close contact and communication with nature, are surrounded by soft and undulating natural meadows furrowed by the water of rivers and creeks. The landscape is wonderful and to reach some of the Thermal Centers visitors have to deviate from the route along idyllic spots. For those who seek an even closer approach to nature, and the traditions of the rural setting, there are tourist farms and inns where visitors can participate in daily farm activities, such as milking, rodeos and shearing. There are six thermal centers: Arapey, Daymán, Guaviyú, Salto Grande, San Nicanor and Almirón. 

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Spa tourism