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Religious Tourism

While Uruguay is a State not profess any particular creed, the country has a varied agenda of religious festivals, celebrations and pilgrimages. spiritual, mystical or devotional centers, can be visited in each of the 19 departments. Beyond their beliefs, tourists can appreciate the historical, heritage and architectural richness of the temples, works of art in paintings, and stained glass images that create spaces for contemplation. In addition, Uruguay has energy points that bring visitors attracted by the mystical experiences and the wonderful landscapes of these places.
Places like Calera de las Húerfanas a Jesuit heritage recovered Colonia, the Gruta del Padre Pio on the edge of Paysandu and Salto, the Fenocchi Chapel in Cardal (Florida) with its mystique and autumn colors, are particularly tourist value during the Week Tourism.
During the Good Friday activities like traditional Via Crucis of Cerro de Montevideo succeed, in 14 seasons walk the path of the cross to the summit, the picturesque procession of Christ articulated through the streets of Villa Santo Domingo Soriano (Soriano), the celebration of the Lord's death in Valizas (Rocha), the Via Crucis in Aguas Dulces (Rocha) and La Floresta (Canelones). Special activities as a tour is also developed with works by Buxtehude, Bach and Handel at the Central Methodist Church in the capital.

Religious, Spiritual and Mystical

  • Its relevance tourism as UNWTOAbrir o Cerrar

    World Tourism Organization (OMT) recognizes the importance of pilgrimages and spiritual routes for the development of tourism in the world for its promotion of intercultural dialogue and its contribution to the protection of sites of religious and spiritual interest

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Calera de la Huérfanas.

This magnificent Jesuit legacy is located southwest of Uruguay, 16 kilometers from the city of Carmel. It declared a National Historic Landmark, is primarily a tourist attraction where the story is the protagonist of a tour that includes an ancient chapel, the remains of other constructions, lime kilns that can go from a wooden walkway, a living interpretation and even a native forest trail ..
Fenocchi chapel..

Fenocchi Chapel..

A 3 kilometers of Villa Cardal on National Route 77, southwest of the department of Florida, is this chapel, which was erected in their fields by marriage formed by Pedro Fenocchi and Teresa Marioni, rooted Italian farmers in the area, in memory of their dead daughters four during severe diphtheria epidemic in 1889 that affected the area. A place full of emotions and mystical.

Contact: Washigton del Valle.Cel: 099 568790.


Gruta del Padre Pío.

Dedicated to Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, it is located in the Estancia La Aurora, on the Daymán River, on the border between Paysandu and Salto departments. The owners of the stay, the Tonna family, built with anonymous collaborators, motivated by their religious faith.
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