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Tourism LGBT+

Over the last few years, Uruguay has been considered a friendly destination for tourists where specialized quality service is readily accessible in addition to advanced legislation prioritizing respect for diversity. Charming cities, fun nights out, fascinating architecture, art and culture of all shapes sizes and colors, sophisticated hotels and restaurants, beaches and nature are all ready to be explored in a country where everything is conveniently close by. To top off the Uruguayan experience it’s essential that every tourist taste the traditional wine and food match of Tannat wine and our world renowned beef.

We welcome the LGBT+ community and here in the capital of Montevideo, there is a group of private businesses called Mesa Friendly which is in constant contact with different sectors of the tourism industry. The organization aims to provide all tourists with personalized information so that they can have a great experience. Uruguay has always been a pioneer in civil rights in the continent and since the 20th century, many advances have made towards progress such as workers’ and civil rights, including anti discrimination laws self appointed gender registrations, child adoption for civil unions and same sex marriages. In 2015, Montevideo was rated the most gay-friendly city in the continent, ahead of Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Ciudad de México and Guadalajara, according to Sentido G magazine.

In the 2020 annual index prepared by Spartacus Traveler, the most important LGBT+ tourism guide in the world, Uruguay occupies 5th place in the global ranking as a friendly and safe destination for this segment due to the treatment and its advanced anti-discrimination regulations.