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´Carnaval de La Pedrera´ : Lively, popular and colorful

Lively, popular and colorful, three words that define the Carnival of La Pedrera which is renewed year after year and has recently recovered its original spirit.

Since 1950 until the beginning of the 90s friends and neighbors of La Pedrera used to dress up in costumes and meet at the center of this beach resort to spend Carnival together. In 1999 the Social and Sports Club organized the first official edition of today’s well-known Carnival of La Pedrera which brought together 200 people. Nobody imagined that years later it would become the most popular carnival in Uruguay.

At the beginning it was a fresh, spontaneous, massive, self-convoked and colorful carnival. The event began in the afternoon with the little ones who paraded along the main avenue wearing costumes. They were followed by bigheads, drums and a group of allegorical floats created by neighbors.

Maitena, an Argentine and neighboring cartoonist of La Pedrera, appeared on the scene some years later contributing with her touch. The same was true for Gustavo "El Pelado" Cordera, former leader of the Argentine rock group Bersuit Vergarabat.

Some years later in 2015, the Carnival of La Pedrera brought together 20,000, where large groups of friends who chose a particular theme (pirates, prisoners or even babies) participated displaying their creative looks. Residents and tourists from all over the world filled the main avenue of this resort with water fights, music, dancing and lots of fun.

The renewed Carnival of La Pedrera: children's carnival
Since 2018 the Carnival of La Pedrera has recovered its original spirit: a creative, artistic, family and fun event. On Monday afternoon, the most awaited day of each Carnival, the main avenue is covered with colorful characters wearing costumes made in the workshops of the Social and Sports Club during the previous weeks.

Everyone participates in the collective workshops, from children to grandparents. This concludes with a great family and street party, with costumes, bigheads, jugglers and drums. Thanks to the support of the Municipality of Rocha, foam and alcoholic drinks are no longer sold on the streets, and this has allowed neighbors and visitors to have fun again in a colorful and fantasy world where children are the main actors.

Tips to enjoy the Carnival of La Pedrera
   1- Book accommodation in advance. (Find accommodation at La Pedrera)
   2- Experience it with a playful and responsible attitude. Having fun does not mean overdoing it. Look after yourself and the environment.
   3- Wear comfortable clothes.
   4- Join the collective workshops at the Social and Sports Club to create your costume.

Date 2020: Monday of Carnival Week
Place: Main Avenue - La Pedrera, Rocha
Free entry
More information: www.turismorocha.gub.uy



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