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Five keys to succeed on the dance floor

Just like any other gathering of people sharing the same passion for a music genre, milongas have their own golden rules which are worth knowing if you plan to enjoy the experience in full. Following are some of the most important ones:

  • 01Circulate on outer perimeter of the dance floor and counter clockwise. The legend goes that in the old times, tango men feared being stabbed in the middle of the dance and they had to watch their back. This way, they stayed alert and avoided being ambushed in the center of the dance floor.
  • 02

    Be respectful of the dancing space of other dancers on the floor and avoid halts.".

  • 03

    Dance the 4 tango pieces of the round and escort the lady to the table she was before when you asked her to dance.

  • 04

    Avoid talking during the dance. There is a common belief that says tango is a conversation in silence, for about 3 minutes, in this respect, it is key to let yourself go with the music.

  • 05Tango classes are given before every milonga, where it is possible to learn tips that can be later applied on the dance floor. However, once you are on the dance floor, it is not appropriate to indicate another dancer what to do or to try to teach a move to another dancer.
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