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Traditional festivals

Singing, improvised gaucho folk songs (‘payadas’), rodeo, campfires and country skills are at the heart of hundreds of traditional celebrations throughout the year. We invite you to discover them. The most representative rural traditions in Uruguay are displayed the length and breadth of the country in different celebrations and festivals which take place throughout the year.

Good examples of these festivals are the ‘Fiesta de la Patria Gaucha’ in Tacuarembó, the ‘Semana Criolla del Prado’ in Montevideo, and the ‘Criolla del Parque Roosevelt’ in Canelones, among many others.
Singing, music, ‘payadas’ (improvised gaucho folk songs), rodeo, riding, campfires and other country skills come together in these festivals which are a trademark of Uruguayan identity that cannot be left unexplored.
Uruguayan folk music has different manifestations and rhythms such as the ‘vidalita’, ‘milonga’, ‘payada’ and the ‘pericón’, which are always performed on the guitar. This musical instrument, introduced during the time of Spanish dominance, is an inseparable companion to the ‘criollo’ (local) traditional songbook and all ‘criollo’ forms of expression. In the same way, the accordion, with its enchanting cadence, has enriched our folk music.

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