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Meet Maldonado's Museums

Discover the biggest collection of living Latin-American artists, stroll under the trees in a 46-hectare park with more than 300 exotic species, and let your imagination fly, courtesy of the mystic Piria Castle. Visit Maldonado and discover a diverse range of museums.


Didactic Artigas Museum

The Museum in the Cuartel de Dragones (Dragon's Barracks) was once part of the general fortification plan of the department. The building was designed by the Spanish engineer Bartolomé Howel in March 1771 and finished by Rafael Pérez del Puerto in 1797. Built with masonry blocks and tile roofing, its initial surface area was 2500 square meters. National hero, José G. Artigas took military control of this historic place in the late 18th Century. Currently, it works as a museum and showroom. It boasts a national painting and sculpture collection that shows the strong changes Uruguayan art experienced between 1880 and 1945. Great painters and sculptors can be appreciated, such as José Belloni, Edmundo Prati, Luis P. Cantu, Pedro Blanes Viale, Ernesto Laroche, Carlos de Santiago, and Rafael Barradas.
Useful information:
Location: Rafael Pérez del Puerto by 18 de Julio street, Maldonado, Maldonado.
Its doors remain open all year long and it is free to visit.
Telephone (598) 4222 5378.

Francisco Mazzoni Regional Museum

This is considered one of the most attractive, charming corners of Maldonado city because of its past as a former high-society mansion. The original construction dates from the 18th Century and it is made up of 12 rooms decorated with antique furniture and art, and two intimate indoor gardens  full of greenery to be enjoyed, all of which help to recreate colonial times. The house is a center of cultural development that includes a performance space, studios, conference facilities and a showroom. The diverse range of objects and collections are on display: antique medical and pharmaceutical instruments, gaucho horse-riding and fishing equipment, guns, artisanal curiosities and a considerable show of artifacts from aboriginal peoples. In this space, visitors can also find dissected examples of indigenous fauna and even objects that belonged to famous people such as Giuseppe Faribaldi.
Useful information:
Location: Ituzaingó 789 by 18 de julio Street. Maldonado, Maldonado.
Entrance is free.
Telephone: (598) 4222 1107.

Puppet Museum

This museum is a permanent exhibit that allows visitors to take a look at many different manifestations of puppetry across the world. One of the museum's objectives is the provision of workshops aimed at teachers, schools, and people interested in this discipline of cultural and educational transcendence. The museum hosts a shop, library and video library available to visitors. It also houses the Maese Pedro collection of theater puppets – founded in 1940 by Professor Irma Abirad.
Useful information:
Location: Paseo San Fernando, 108. 25 de mayo Street by Sarandí Street.
Free entrance


Ralli Museum

Created in 1987 by the Ralli Group, it hosts a world-renowned collection of works by living Latin-American artists. Visitors can enjoy the exhibited works of Latin-American and European artists, mostly surreal in style, however, works belonging to other genres can also be appreciated. The goal of this space is to focus attention on Latin-American artists that deserve recognition beyond their country of origin.
Useful information
Location: Beverly Hills Neighborhood in Punta del Este
Free entrance
Telephone: (598) 4248 3476.


Pablo Neruda Museum

Hosted in a former mansion at the heart of the peninsula, this museum is dedicated to showing the world the great Chilean author's work. A permanent exhibit is on display called “Neruda on the Uruguayan Coasts”.
Useful information
Situated between 9th and 11th Streets in Punta del Este
Only open during high season (December-March)
Telephone: (598) 4248 4826.

Lussich Arboretum and Museum

46 hectares dedicated to 300 exotic and 35 native plant species including agathis, oak, araucarias, pines, and firs, among others. This natural "exhibit" is made up of a strange artistic chaos of mixed trees, which makes it one of the world's most important forest reserves. In 1896, Antono Lussich bought Punta Ballena and became a pioneer in forestation and the introduction of tree species from different continents. Home to the French Azulejo Museum from the 19th Century, this museum is composed of beautiful pieces of French origin used in Rio de la Plata's architecture of the time.
Useful information:
Camino Lussich, Punta Ballena, Maldonado
Open all year long, free entrance.
Telephone: (598) 4257 8077.

Piria Castle Museum

Francisco Piria was the founder of Piriapolis’s legacy. His castle was designed by the architect Monzani and its towers alternate between prism and cylinder shapes. The castle itself is surrounded by a large park where several different species of palm trees can be found, as well as a fantastic variety of trees brought from all over the world. The grounds are decorated by terracotta statues and a bronze reproduction of Resting Mercurio.
Useful information:
Location: Route 37, kilometer 4, in Piriapolis, Maldonado.
Free entrance.
Telephone: (598)  4432 3268.

Museo del Mar (Sea Museum)

Consists of a marine life exhibition with specimens from all over the world. This collection of exotic pieces from the ocean holds more than 5000 examples of marine life: coral reefs, seashells, seahorses, sea urchins, starfish, crustaceans, and whales.
Useful information:
Location: 9th Street, La Barra, Maldonado
Open all year long.
For ticket prices and open hours call (598) 4277 1817

Regional Carolino Musuem

Constructed in 1782 and originally used by the Spanish as a prison, it later became a space for the town hall. The museum was inaugurated on July 18th 1976. In its rooms, different exhibits document the area’s history. Several pieces of furniture, clothing, and indigenous artifacts of great interest (boleadoras, arrows, stone polishers, and weapons found in the area) can be found here, along with antique coins, watches, and stirrups, among other things.
Useful information:
Location: Carlos Reyles Street by General Leoardo Olivera Street, San Carlos, Maldonado.
Free entrance.
Telephone: (598) 4266 5057.

Piriapolis Art Museum

A private initiative whose purpose is to create a center for cultural processes linked with creativity, arts, design, and architecture as well as an exhibition space. During high season, exhibits, shows, and activities are organized such as roundtables and technical workshops.
Useful information:
Location: Primero de Mayo Avenue 843, Piriapolis, Maldonado.
Telephone: (598) 4432 2375

El Galpón Museum

Founded in 1999, this museum holds the largest photographic collection in the city. Visitors can see antique postcards, documentation, blueprints, and everyday objects from the 19th century, along with regional artists' paintings in its permanent exhibit.
Useful information:
Location: Ituzaingo 587,
Free entrance
Telephone: (598) 4434 6251.


Atchugarry Foundation

A non-profit foundation, home to a center for different artistic expressions, the Atchugarry Foundation houses a sculpture park, the Pablo Atchugarry sculpture studio, a showroom, and an auditorium.
Useful information:
Telephone: (598) 4277 5563
Location: Route 104, kilometer 4.5, El Chorro, Maldonado.

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