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Sarandí Grande and the Battle of 1825 reenactment

Every October in Sarandí Grande, time stops and you can return to the year 1825 and the Battle of Sarandí Grande. Since 2004 this 19th Century encounter has been reenacted. The activities usually start with the reception of the Traditionalist Societies that participate in the reenactment and the military camp installation. During the first night of festivities, bonfires and performances are organized in Tomas Berreta Park.
The Gaucho Calvary parade takes place the next day starting from the edge of the park, and a bouquet of flowers is placed on the Juan Antonio Lavalleja Monument towards noon. The reenactment starts after midday, and, at its culmination there are more rodeo and artistic performances to end the festivities. This short reenactment is an excellent opportunity to travel back in time and go deep into Uruguayan history.
The Sarandí Battle was a military encounter that took place October 12th 1825, within the context of the so-called 'Cruzada Libertadora' (Liberty Crucade) between Uruguayan freedom fighters and troops from the Brazilian Empire.

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