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A journey back to the colonial era and the beginning of the 20th Century.

The country's western areas offer the possibility of experiencing late 19th - early 20th Century lifestyle. History lovers cannot miss visiting the Industrial Revolution Museum located in Fray Bentos, which has been proposed by Uruguay to be included in UNESCO's List of World Heritage.
The museum is located in the building where one of the main meat packing factories in South America once operated. Known as the “world's kitchen”, it passed from German ownership (Liebig, 1862), to English (Anglo, from 1924), and then into the hands of the Uruguayan State (Frigorífico Nacional, from 1968), before closing its doors during the 70s. A guided visit shows us how its corned beef and meat extract were a staple in the world's diet, and a main player in the daily nutrition of European armies during the World Wars. All sorts of machinery can be seen at the museum, as well as a look inside the meat extract-making process, work uniforms, and even the pink slips given to workers who participated in strikes.

If the Fray Bentos museum enters the World Heritage List, it will be the second intangible piece of heritage in Uruguay to reach this distinction, following the city of Colonia del Sacramento's achievement in 1995.

Colonia is precisely where another innovative time-traveling experience is located. Right in front of the Real de San Carlos (old bull-fighting arena), six kilometers from Colonia Del Sacramento's center, visitors can find the “Recrear Historia” (Recreating History), a cultural space and railway museum accompanied by amazing gourmet options. Railways, wagons, train whistles, different installations, compartment keys and seat numbers can be found amongst other items making up the collection that transports visitors into the railway's glory days of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.
One of the better-preserved spaces in the museum is the Station Manager’s office. His desk contains all the technological gadgets from the era: an Underwood typewriter, a Limit fan, and, of course, a telegraph.
The visit can be rounded off with a meal in one of the picturesque wagons, where one can taste home-made treats served on antique china.

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