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Mining Tourism in Artigas and Minas de Corrales in Winter 2018

One of the most innovative proposals offered by the northern region is touring the cities of long-standing mining tradition such as Artigas or the town of Minas de Corrales in the Department of Rivera.

One of the offers is a Mining Safari around the city of Artigas consisting of a guided tour of the quarries located in the region of El Catalán, where world-renowned large deep purple amethysts and agates are extracted. Tools, training and safety equipment are provided to visitors who wish to collect their own semiprecious stones. Back in the city, tourists can visit several workshops where raw stones undergo several industrial processes and/or are handcrafted for trade.

The safari is about 5 hours long and covers around 150 kilometers along the national route number 30 and scenic byways along the fields where the mines are located. The journey offers visitors the opportunity to be surprised by the flora and fauna of the area, and to visit quaint general stores and enjoy typical products.

Likewise, the city of Minas de Corrales, offers tourists the opportunity to visit its gold mines, get to know its pioneering aerial tramway system, the Cuñapiru hydroelectric dam, and the ruins of the first mining town in Uruguay, full of history, culture and beautiful landscapes. This tour can be combined with a tour around the city of Rivera, a visit to the wineries of the region, or a shopping trip along the border area. For those who wish to do some ecotourism there is the chance to visit to the protected area of the Valle del Lunarejo.

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