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A weekend getaway to Mercedes and Villa Soriano

Given its exceptional location on the banks of the Río Negro river, Mercedes is an ideal spot for fishing, doing water sports, or resting surrounded by nature. Cycling around town to see the sights is, without a doubt, a great plan for a family weekend in the Uruguayan interior.  


In recent years, the number of tourist attractions in Mercedes has multiplied. Catamaran rides, guided tours to the historic Castillo Mauá (a castle which houses the municipal winery and paleontology museum), paragliding jumps, light aircraft rides and eco-friendly trekking tours on the islands Barrientos and El Sauzal are some of the options.

Visitors coming for a day or two can go on board of the Soriano I catamaran to head towards the historic village of Villa Soriano. After arriving at the colorful village, we recommend going on a guided sightseeing tour around the Nautical Station - once the Olivera Hotel -,the Maeso Museum, the Casa de las Máscaras (House of Masks), the Marfetán Museum and the Capilla de Santo Domingo (Santo Domingo chapel).
Additionally, the craft has other destinations scheduled for this month of March during “Semana de Turismo” (Easter Week). Find out about them and book a seat!


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