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Enjoy Uruguay’s Vendimia (grape-harvesting season)

As it always happens at this time of year, Uruguay’s tourist wineries open their doors to the public to celebrate the grape-harvesting season, the most emblematic and crucial point in the vine life-cycle. Grape harvest festivals are a universal tradition that dates back to the times when wine was considered a bridge between gods and men, and which has become a symbol of the joy generated by the culmination of the harvesting efforts.

Because it is an extremely important period in the production of wine, each winery chooses a day as the start of the season – the fruit is collected at the perfect point of ripeness and gives life to flavors that have never been tasted before. Each harvest is the beginning of a surprise.

In the words of Adriana Gutierrez, head of production at Bodega Juanicó winery, located in the department of Canelones, barely 38 km from Montevideo “Grapes are harvested by using chemical analysis and fruit tasting. Only when the sugar/acid ratio is at optimal levels for each vine, do we proceed to vinification”.

Vendimia marks the beginning of what will be any given year’s wine - it is when the quality of all the work carried out during the year becomes apparent. It is such a turning point that the number of visitors increases significantly at this time of the year, and so do the number and variety of options to enjoy it.

The largest concentration of activities takes place during the weekend, particularly on Saturday. The choice of activities is ample, ranging from wine tastings to workshops and opportunities for relaxation. Don’t miss it!


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