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Getaway to Minas and Villa Serrana

A trip to an area characterized by a landscape of undulating hills, green vegetation and abundant flora and fauna is always ideal to enjoy a break during Easter Week, even more so if it is just a short drive away. Fishing, hang gliding, zip-lining, ecotourism trails through dense vegetation and sailing on rivers and lagoons are just some of the alternatives.

Other nearby attractions that you cannot miss!  

Park Salto del Penitente.  A 20-metre-high waterfall in a pool of crystalline mineral water where visitors can swim.

The area includes a tourist look-out point which offers a restaurant, where visitors can hire horseback rides, trail hiking tours and adventure sports rides.

Cerro Arequita (Arequita Hill): A geological curiosity that does not go unnoticed.
Visitors can go inside and see its numerous grottos. At the base of the hill another tourist spot; El Mirador, which offers homemade meals and guided tours. Nearby is the municipal campsite with cabins and full services and another possibility is the campsite at the base of the Laguna de los Cuervos, smaller and more family oriented . 

Reserva Natural de Salus (Salus Natural Reservation).  
A forest entangled with various native species and paths of wild ferns and rosebushes that create an atmosphere of enchantment. One of its main attractions is the mythical Fuente del Puma (Puma Fountain). The name comes from a legend that claims pumas were the animals that guarded this pristine spring of mineral water. Tourists can choose from several guided tours of different degrees of difficulty and duration.

El Valle del Hilo de la Vida. (The Valley of the Thread of Life).  Archaeological remains, beautiful mountain landscapes and a very special energy are combined in this natural refuge just 8 kilometers from Minas. One of the most distinctive marks in the area are the stone mounds located in energetic spots, which are ideal for families interested in mystical sites. The valley has a rustic-style tourist center built with stones where visitors can have lunch or a snack in total harmony with nature.


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