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Wineries and vineyards

Uruguay enjoys a privileged geographical position that enables it to be a leading country in the production of wines. Located between parallels 30 and 35 (south latitude), Uruguay shares the location of the best wine regions of Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Its clay soil, balanced sunshine, rain and temperatures are optimal conditions for the vineyards growing on its gentle rolling land.
Wine lovers will find a great variety of wineries in Uruguay offering tours, wine tastings and hosting special parties and events.

To enjoy this experience we recommend contacting the Wine Tourism Association of Uruguay (ATEU), also known as Los Caminos del Vino (The Wine Roads), and especially visiting those establishments registered with the Ministry of Tourism.
All seasons have their charm for wine tourism in Uruguay. For example, in March, the country's main tourist wineries open their doors to share the best of their crops during the Harvest Festival. During this festival, visitors can get a quick introduction to the production activity and equipped with scissors and a basket, they can experiment the pleasure of harvesting on their own.
In winter, between May and June, wineries propose tourist to enjoy one of the most traditional and perfect pairings: lamb and Tannat, as well as various artistic performances and activities that complement the food and wine proposals.

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Wineries and vineyards