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Chuy Post: an escape to 19th Century Rural Uruguay

A must-do for visitors to the city of Melo is visiting the historic Chuy Post. Dating from 1854, the building consists of sand stones put together without using mortar, and it's considered a unique architectural effort in South America. It currently functions as a departmental museum and boasts a collection of 19th and 20th century countryside and gaucho artifacts. The Chuy Post was an old inn for travelers between Melo and Villa Artigas (now Rio Branco). The main building was designed with two stories; the lower dedicated to selling goods and the upper to housing guests. Visitors today will be surprised by the iron-wrought fences, thick doors, and great pillars that protect each room's entrance, which acted as a fortress to keep each guest safe.
The bridge of the Chuy Post lies very near and is 85 meters long. This unique engineering construction is formed by subtle arches, held by great pillars or “drums” spaced evenly, which makes it one of a kind in Uruguay.
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Address:  Route 26, 13 kilometers from Melo.
Telephone: (598) 464 29147

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