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Beach tourism

The Uruguayan coast is as vast as it is diverse. Nature, family friendly environments, sightseeing, and adrenaline all come together to offer amazing and unique experiences. There are small beaches surrounded by nature, or wild coasts ideal for water sports: beach lovers of all kinds always find what they were looking for, and more.
Montevideo, Uruguay's capital, is a business, event, and cultural center, and has great beaches right here in town. Piriápolis is another beach paradise to discover, with a European-style ocean-side avenue.
Punta del Este is a fitting alternative for high end beach goers, with a variety of services, the latest trends in design, fashion, and cuisine. Cabo Polonio is a gem by the Atlantic Ocean for a small beach-town vibe.
Other beaches such as La Paloma and Punta del Diablo are a must-go for surfers. After the sun goes down everyone comes out to have a good time. Go out to eat, catch a movie or a concert, or just stay in and contemplate the sky as it changes color and the stars come out.

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Beach tourism