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Meseta de Artigas (Artigas' Plateau)

Only 37 kilometers from thermal complex Guaviyú, on km 453 of National Route No. 3, is the historic and emblematic Meseta de Artigas, one of the main tourist destinations in Paysandu. The monument, by sculptor Juan Azzarini- is nestled in an area of slopes set in a natural environment of unique beauty on the banks of the Uruguay River. In 2015, the Interpretation Center was open, within a building known as "La Casona del Patriarca" where, through the use of augmented reality, 360 video and ultrasound, visitors can learn about the "artiguismo" (Artigas' ideals) and the history of the territory. Every year in mid-September, thousands of riders come from all over the country to pay tribute to the national hero, as part of a traditional festival known as "Encuentro con el Patriarca" (Meeting with the Patriarch).

Fuente: Intendencia de Paysandú