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Quebrada de los Cuervos

The protected Quebrada de los Cuervos landscape can be found in the hills to the east in the department Treinta y Tres. It consists of rolling grassland hills and is associated with ranching. The latter hills surround a boxed or "broken" valley of outstanding scenic beauty. The quebrada (gorge) which gives its name to the area is a very narrow stretch of the Yerbal Chico River which crosses the Sierra del Yerbal (a hill), forming a deep gorge that is over 100 meters deep in some places.

It forms part of a group of gorges associated with the hills to the east which act as a break between the different hilly areas of southern Uruguay (department of Maldonado) and the subtropical forests of Río Grande do Sul in Brazil. As such the "Quebrada de los Cuervos" has lush vegetation including a wide variety of trees, shrubs, ferns, epiphytes and vines.

The protected Quebrada de los Cuervos landscape consists of different environments, including the gallery forest surrounding the gorge next to the river – which protects the soil - and has a deep sloped area. In addition, the natural grasslands, an environment which is sparsely represented on an international level, which occupy most of the national territory, is highly threatened and has species of flora and fauna which are priorities for the National System of Protected Areas.

Permitted activities and restrictions
Among the services available in the gorge are: hiking, bird watching, environmental education activities, visitor center, park ranger service, camping and cabins. There are also some restrictions such as pets, hunting, fishing, campfires and collecting plants.