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La Paloma

For its beauty and popularity La Paloma is one of the most emblematic seaside resorts in the department of Rocha. Nestled in the Atlantic Ocean, its main attraction is its magnificent beaches.
The reason is that beaches in La Paloma cater to all tastes, from the calm waters of the small bay, to the great swells of La Balconada, La Aguada or La Pedrera beaches. Inlets, rocky tips, large extensions of white and fine sand, high dunes, plain or deep waters and an endless natural diversity provide a place of preference for everyone in La Paloma. Fishmongers are concentrated in Los Botes beach, where the fishermen are entrusted to the Lucho´s Christ, a sculpture made by fisherman Lucho Maurente.
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    The coast of La Paloma has a history full of shipwrecks. The construction of the lighthouse at Cape Santa Maria originated from the tragedy of the Lise Amelia vessel. The lighthouse was opened on September 1, 1874, and this date is recognized as the official date of creation of La Paloma. The Port of La Paloma came into existence around 1910, and is one of the main ports of the country and the best between Punta del Este and Florianópolis.


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Lighthouse of Santa Maria.

It is the main icon of the resort and its oldest construction. Visitors can go to the top and obtain the best views of the place.

Cabo de Santa María. (Cape)

The old quarter, around the lighthouse, concentrates the first residences of La Paloma and combines styles and different types of architecture, which give it a stately and unmistakable identity.