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Diverse nature in its purest form

One hundred and eighty km of coastline, ocean, fine sands, fishing villages, extensive Butia, old colonial buildings and over 200 thousand hectares of wetlands that have been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO; the list of reasons to visit Rocha is endless. Throughout the length and breadth of its surface you can find the most varied landscapes with sharp transitions and contrasts that leave no room for monotony. Hilly landscapes, coastal plains, steep cliffs and rocky points all converge at this destination which is ideal for those who enjoy natural surroundings and animal spotting. A huge variety of species can be seen all year round in lagoons, marshes and rivers. The Atlantic coast, meanwhile, is visited by the right whale and occasionally by killer whales and dolphins. A trip which is highly recommended, mainly between November and February, is the touristic Ruta Del Arroz that involves visiting several towns within the department such as Velázquez, Lascano, Plata Averías and Cebollatí. Along the way production and nature combine to offer tourists a variety of ways to participate in the customs and activities of the locals. In terms of resorts, the alternatives are also diverse and range from Punta del Diablo, a traditional fishermen town which is growing, and La Paloma, the most sophisticated of the resorts in Rocha, to Cabo Polonio, a small corner of the Atlantic surrounded by hundreds of sea lions, which is only accessible by using special vehicles which can pass its large dunes. Thus the mythical Polonio retains a peace and natural aura which is admired by tourists from around the world.