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Bella Unión

Its name derives from its location at the point where the Cuareim and Uruguay Rivers meet, forming the triple border between Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. This makes Bella Unión a strategic economic and commercial point, which is also highly important in terms of regional tourism. Ecological reserves, extensive parks, river beaches and some historical treasures make it a very interesting destination for those who wish to discover the border part of Uruguay. Bella Unión has around 13 thousand inhabitants, with a culturally interesting border lifestyle. Perhaps for many the main attraction of the city is the possibility of discovering a different Uruguay which is marked by a strong Brazilian influence.


Main Attractives

General Rivera Park.

This green haven in the middle of the city on the banks of River Uruguay is a must for those in search of open air activities. It has areas for sports, barbeques and camping. Location: On Artigas Avenue.

City Sights.

The old railway station, the Santa Rosa del Cuareim Parish and the House of Culture are some of the sights you should include in a tour of the city. The latter has an auditorium for shows, an exhibition hall and library and serves as a cultural and artistic meeting point.

The "Los Pinos" Beach.

The afternoons of intense summer heat subside at this river beach on the River Uruguay. It is located four km from Bella Unión, and can be accessed via a local road which begins at km 639 of Route 3, heading towards the town of Franquía. One of its main attractions is its memorable old pine trees. The area also has barbeque areas.

25 de Agosto Square.

A visit to a countryside city is not complete without spending a while sitting in its main square, which constitutes a meeting point for its inhabitants. This particular point does not lack the mandatory monument to Artigas.