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Costa de Oro

The Costa de Oro (The Golden Coast) is one of the main local tourist hubs, even though some major beach resorts in the region, such as Atlántida and La Floresta, are also visited by foreign tourists seeking a quiet, safe destination where to have a closer contact with the locals. The region comprises about thirty seaside resorts and coastal towns stretching over 70 kilometers along the Río de la Plata between two creeks, Pando and Solís Grande. Some of the highlights are Salinas, Pinamar, Marindia, Villa Argentina, Atlántida, Las Toscas, Parque del Plata, La Floresta, Costa Azul, Bello Horizonte, Cuchilla Alta, and Jaureguiberry, among many others. These family resorts are the perfect fit for middle class visitors; what these destinations lack in luxury, they make up for in comfort and services, offering all the facilities an average tourist may need. The sandy beaches in the area are perfect for sports and, since they are located by a river deemed “as wide as the sea”, they offer ocean-like views. Driving along Costa de Oro is a highly recommendable alternative for the variety of landscapes available in just a few kilometers. Deserted and crowded beaches, flat stretches of sand, sand dunes, natural ponds, big waves and pine forests, to name a few, are examples of this diversity. After a gorgeous summer sunset, watching the sun hide beyond the horizon, Costa de Oro’s nightlife has plenty to offer. The beach resort of Atlántida is where the main nightlife attractions are located, including restaurants, a casino and several pubs and nightclubs.
Costa de Oro has a very active music scene during the summer (December to March), featuring a wide range of free outdoor performances.
Very conveniently located from the capital, Montevideo, it is less than an hour away by road if you take Gianattassio Avenue and the Interbalnearia National Road. Costa de Oro is a beach oasis right around the corner!

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Costa Urbana Shopping.

This shopping mall is located on Giannatasio Avenue and features a wide choice of stores, a multiplex, a large food court with restaurants and coffee shops, and children’s play areas.