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La Floresta

The presence of nature and a unique architecture are the most striking features of La Floresta, the oldest beach resort on Costa de Oro, whose origins date back to 1909. The resort’s long-standing houses, the iconic local church, the Outdoor Sculpture Gallery by the seafront promenade and the building where the former La Floresta hotel (built in 1913) used to be are worth the time of those who visit and have a chance to enjoy La Floresta’s scenic walks and unique sunsets. On Treinta y Tres Avenue, the town’s main street, tourists will find a choice of restaurants, stores and entertainment, including a movie theater with the latest releases.

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Outdoor Sculpture Gallery.

Sculptures exhibited on various editions of the International Biennial of Sculptors are on display all along La Floresta’s seafront promenade.
Former La Floresta Hotel.

Ex hotel La Floresta.

Located at one end of Treinta y Tres Avenue and overlooking the seafront promenade, this is one of the most iconic buildings around. Across the street, there is a large area with benches and viewpoints to enjoy the sunset. The “Hotel’s beach access” is one of the most popular spots on the coast of La Floresta.