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Tourism and wellness, two faces of a coin

Globalisation of medical services, internet’s reach, and the search for welness and healthy living explain the growing interest in Health and Welness Tourism. Taking time to be with oneself in warm waters or do therapy on an hyperbaric chamber, a routine test, or presonalised fitness training are some of the many experiences Uruguay has to offer.

In times where safety and health are key aspects of choosing a travel destination, Uruguay has the guarantees to enjoy a safe and relaxed stay.

If the visit is motivated by health concerns, relaxation, or aesthetic procedures, users seek quality, reasonable prices, and customised services, together with confort and safety.

Uruguay has international recongnition for their sanitary and technological infrastructure, and their price-quality relationship. Adding to those is the diversity and beaauty of its landscapes, as the range of aerial, maritime and land conncetions.


During all year, the Northwest offers alternatives to enjoy a memorable vacation. Along the Uruguay River, the departments of Salto and Paysandú, 400 kilometres away from Montevideo, you’ll find the hot springs. They stem from one of the most important water sources in the planet: the Guaraní Aquifer, shared by Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

The Daymán Hot Springs count with a specialised Wellness Centre, Spa Thermal Daymán, the first Hyperbaric Health Centre in the region. Its services combine the thermal water benefits advanced regenerative medicine technology. Hyperbaric medicine, based on the appliction of highly concentrated oxygen and pressure offers valuable, non invasive benefits for different ailments, delivering positive results in up to ninety-eight percent of arhtritis, diabetes, cardiovascular accidents, chronic ulcers, and fibromyalgia. (more information)

The complex is located seven kilometres away from the city of Salto, where youc an enjoy its architecture, open spaces, museums, restaurant, or even go fishing.





San Nicanor 

In Paysandú, 15 km away from Daymán you’ll find the Estancia Termas San Nicanor, with its awe-inspiring natural and tranquil surroundings. You’ll be able to dive into warm thermal waters while enjoying the starry night sky.

It has an open air pool surrounded by gardens, the establisment has suites, shared bedrooms, and bungalows, and a local food restaurant. Visitors can also enjoy horse-riding, bird watching, recreational fishing, and joining rural activities.

Information: www.termassannicanor.com 


A few miles far from Salto and Bella Unión, Arapey offers indoor and open-air thermal water pools with temperatures ranging from 26ºC to 37°C, in an amazing natural scenery. The thermal centre includes five-star hotels, whth all-inclusive packages with jacuzzi, spa, “wet bar”, and a golf course.

Many activities can be enjoyed in its surroundings, that allow visitoris to live experiencies in contact with Nature such as: parasailing, biplane flights, kayaking, recreational fishing, and bird-watching.







The only ones with saltwater that flow from the Guaraní Aquifer, they offer the most mineralised water with sulfates and chlorides, particularly calcium and magnesium, making them a special place for healing and relaxing.

The hotel and spa Salinas del Almirón Resort Termal offers a distinguished catalogue of services which combine rest and enjoyment. Next to the Thermal Therapeutic Center (Centro Termal Terapéutico Almirón) the resort has two pools in which you can try the healing properties of saltwater, recnowned by its high mineral content. The complex is ranked as a four-star hotel with sixty rooms, a prominent food menu, jacuzzi, massage spa, sauna, gym, and water games.

In the area you can enjoy guided tours of the Montes del Queguay Protected Area, with activities such as trekking, kayaking, snorkelling, and bird-watching. Tickets are bought at the Visitor Centre, and in the Hotel Salinas de Almirón.





About forty-five minutes away from the International Paysandú – Colón Bridge, they are an oasis among lush grasslands, beautiful palm forests, and places of historical importance. A place to enjoy with family or in pairs, enjoying the climate and the healing properties of thermal water.

The thermal center is powered by a photovoltaic panels, being the first one to use renewable energies.




On your way to Punta del Este, by the shore of Laguna del Sauce, you can find ALIVE Health Spa Resort, a unique treatment centre in Latin America.

With thirty nine rooms and suites facing the lagoon, the specialty spa-hotel offers refined installations equipped with top technology, healthy eating, personal fitness training, and permanent support from certified health and welness professionals.

Among its techology, a facial scanner able to determine the biological age of the skin stands out. The device allows to check the skin pigmentation and irritation (redness) They also perform genetic tests, cellular therapy, telomere measuring, genetics-based nutrition, and other treatments.

They also have a time machine, a salt capsule, and a floating bed that recreates a baby experience in their mother’s womb, an oxygen bar, mud therapy, hydro spa, and swimming pools.

They also offer programs to quit smoking, lose weight, or tone the body, all by health professionals.

The Hotel del Lago Golf & Art Resort, has a spa and ten tennis courts. It stands out because of its free golf courses and restaurant. This eco establishment is close to Punta del Este Intl. Airport, minutes away from the Club in Playa Mansa and the Solanas beach. It is placed in a setting free of sound and visual pollution. The spa provides a range of beauty services and massages. The club hosts a fitness center, loungers by the pool, and a bike rental service.

The Argentino Hotel Casino & Resort, facing the beach of Piriápolis, hosts two indoor pools and one open air, a spa, restaurants, a recreational centre and a kids’ club. It’s a great place for family vacations, where people of all ages will find activities to enjoy, have fun, and relax.

They also offer thalassotherapy, and saltwater products. From ancient times, civilizations included seawater in medical treatments and beauty routines because of its healing qualities.

Its located forty minutes away from the Montevideo Intl. Airport (Carrasco) and a one-hour drive from the capital. Piriapolis also invites visitors to discover the alchemic legacy of its founder, Francisco Piria.


The force of Nature, adventure, and relax meet in Rocha. Alma de La Pedrera is one of the palces that offers spa and relaxation all year round. Surrounded by a native forest, all who need to unwind from stress can have a massage, a sauna session, enjoy a Turkish Bath, a spa day, or chill in the jacuzzi. The hotel can be enjoyed both in Summer and Winter.

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