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Punta del Este in the Clipper Race Finale

A historical London marinas, the Royal Docks, prepares itself to host the finale of the Clipper Round the World Yacht with an unforgettable ceremony. For the first time in History, Uruguay is taking part of the regatta with the “Punta del Este” vessel from Punta del Este Yacht Club.

About seven hundred crewmen representing men and women from fourty-three different countries make the fleets of eleven ships that sailed around the world for one year, across five continents and crossing six oceans.

The ships called fifteen ports in Portugal, Uruguay, Sudáfrica, Australia, China, Filipinas, Estados Unidos, Panamá, Bermudas, to finally return to the UK in July 30, 2022.

The renowned Clipper Race made a total of 41,000 nautical miles, and its competitors challenged nature while fighting for the first place. Imagine your Korea, Bermuda, Seattle, WTCLogistics, Punta del Este, Halong Bay, Dare to Lead, City of Zhuhai, Sanya2, Qingdao, y Unicef, are the 2022 edition’s competitors.

Since it’s start in London in 2019, the Uruguayan ship Punta del Este made it to the podium six times.

Leg 1 to Portimao in first place; Leg 4 to Fremantle in third place; Leg 9 to Subic Bay in second place; Leg 10 to Seattle in third place; Leg 11 to Panama in second place; and Leg 13 to New York in second place. These standings keep Punta del Este in the second place.


Along the journey, many Uruguayan navigators were on board the Punta del Este. Leg 1 to Portimao, Fernando “Nano” Antía Bernardez y Darío Rodríguez.

Leg 2 Punta del Este- Cape Town, Alejandra Alvira y Sofía Strasser. Legs 6 and 7, Jerónimo Lestido from Phillipines to Bermuda.

The COVID pandemic stopped the race and forced all ships and crews to stay in Phillipines until March 2022, when Nano Antía was hired by the Clipper Race as the second qualified crewmen, completing all the legs since the restart.

All crews resumed the journey with newfound joy and determination. In the final two legs, Uruguay is represented by Gustavo Musante and Darío Rodriguez.

The Finale celebrations on Saturday 30 start with a colorful and majestic sailing parade along the River Thames, crossing the London Bridge.

To celebrate the Finale, the Clipper Race organisation will throw a real party with live music, entertainment, food, and the awards ceremony. Since 12 PM, London-based indie pop artist Miss DJ Candy, Natalie Shay, and saxophone virtuoso and composer Tyler Rix will play their live set.

The music stops at 2 PM when the fleet reaches the Royal Docks. Once the crew members are on land at 4 PM, the Race Finish award ceremony will take place to crown the winner of the 2019-2020 Clipper Race. Don`t miss it!

Follow the race in real time here.