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Uruguay positions itself on the world polo map

For the first time in history, the uruguayan Polo Team will face Great Britain Polo Team in London, to dispute the traditional, and prestigious, Coronation Cup on July 23, 2022; a hallmark in national sports. Know the advantages of practising polo in Uruguay!

The Coronation Cup is one of the world most traditional polo tournaments, held for 111 years in London, England. The Cup returns after two years of absence and the ¨Celeste¨ (sky blue) or ¨Charrúa¨ team will compete in an exhibition game against England on Saturday 23 at 3:30 PM London Time.

The game will be held in the gardens of the Windsor Castle, located in Windsor Great Park. The winning team will receive the trophy by a member of royalty. In many occassions, Queen Elizabeth II handed the trophy, as the late Prince Philip of Edinburgh, and Prince Charles.

The England Polo Team has a long trajectory with important international trophies. The Uruguayan Team, on the other hand, achieved their first ever qualification to the World Polo Championship, hosted in Palm Beach, Florida (United States) from October 26 to November 9.

It´s an unprecedented achievement that all Uruguayan Polo enjoys due to their players commitment, the trainers work, and the strategic planning.

Our home team earned its place after defeating the national teams of Chile and Peru, in the finals that took place in Punta del Este Polo Club of Uruguay.

The ¨Celeste¨ team consists of Juan Ignacio Curbelo 6, Alejo Taranco 8, Santiago Stirling 5 and Ignacio Viana 4; with a total of 23 golals scored. England’s team consists of Louis Hine 4, James Beim 6, James Harper 7 y Tommy Beresford 7; with 24 goals scored.

Due to injury, David Stirling (10 goals), was replaced by Curbelo. Uruguayan reserve players are Matías Carrique and Mauri Sánchez. James Harper is the Captain of England’s team.

While Polo is not the most popular sport in Uruguay, it has grown in the country, and it takes a strong discipline and commitment by the athletes. Rider and horse share a very close bond, becoming one in the field. Many players admit that great part of their success is owned to the horses´capability to stop and turn at great speed.

Uruguay Polo Association (Asociación Uruguaya de Polo) was founded 80 years ago, and they actually have ¨a dozen local teams. To bring the national team together, many wills joined, and above all else, the sentiment and honour to wear the sky blue shirt representing all Uruguayans¨, said the Association President Valentín Martínez, to the Media expecting a positive result.

Nature and closeness in Uruguay

The possibility of playing polo surrounded by beautiful landscapes, among rivers, sea, or hills, is a great experience that Uruguay provides to travellers who are passionate about the sport.

In Uruguay there is a dozen of Polo Clubs, counting 150 players that compete around the wolrd according to their level, or hándicap. Tourists will find polo fields in Punta del Este (Maldonado), Montevideo (Carrasco), Salto, Río Negro, Mercedes, Lavalleja, Durazno, Rivera and Carmelo (Colonia) to practise during their visit.

Uruguayan cities have the advantage of having all services within short distances, and offering visitors a wide range of leisure activities for those who have tight schedules.

Origin & rules

Polo was born 2.000 years ago in India and during the British colonial period, Englishmen adopted its practise developing and extending Polo as a worldwide sport.

Games are played in fields of 300 yards long per 160 yards wide (same size as football 9 fields) with goal posts originally made of wicker wood.

The game involves four titular players and four reserve. The match is played in four ¨chukkers¨ (quarters similar to Football) and the team scoring the most goals, wins. Enjoy your favourite sport in Uruguay!

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