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Food design with Uruguayan taste

Grandmother’s delicacy passed on from generations, talent, study and innovation merge to offer a unique tour through Uruguayan cuisine with a distinct flavour. Enjoy it!

Uruguay is known for their local cuisine (criolla), nurtured by the influence of immigrants, mainly Spanish, but also French and Portuguese, even German and Russian. That cultural diversity is embraced by Uruguayan customs, notably in slowly cooked pot meals, grilled meat (known as parrillada), the chivito (tenderloin sandwich), the pasta frola (a distant cousin of Dutch desset Vlaai, made with quince jam), the Chajá (sponge cake with meringue, peach, and cream), and dulce de leche (milk toffee). Prepared with organic, quality ingredients such as meat, poultry, cheese, honey, olive oil, blueberries, caviar and a wide range of local wines, among ohters.

Natual daylight, or a dim light during the night, often paired with good music and a fine wine, make the perfect setting to relax and enjoy a gastronomical experience. We invite you to visit three restaurants with design food, a concept centered around the search for a recognisable, valuable brand, that allow its creators to stand out fro their originality and identity in a challenging market.

Harmonious pairing

Deicas Family restaurant, Establecimiento Juanicó, was established with the purpose of creating awareness of the flavours and aromas when the best wines are paired with matching dishes. ¨The end result are honest dishes, carefully designed for each of our wines¨, says Chef Mercedes Deicas. ¨We aim to search for the best combination to elevate the favours between food and drinks, creating a unique synergy¨ she adds.

A tradition: ¨my favourite place to be has always been the kitchen and I watched my mother prepare meals for everyone. In our family, we inherited the passion for cuisine¨, she admits. She also mentioned that they are careful when choosing the ingredients they use, which are provided by neighbours or grown in her own farm.

The menu is dynamic and adapted to each season to make the best out of the different ingredients available in different periods. Of the main courses, she highlights the ¨Tannat-braised pork cheeks¨, which take six hours to cook. Among the desserts, she reccommends ¨Grandpa´s garden figs¨, a rendition to the winery´s founder, cooked with blue cheese and boytiris noble mushroom, making a perfect symphony.

Before having lunch at their restaurant, a stylish countryside building with modern touches, or organising corporate events, visitors can enjoy a free guided tour of the winery and learn about the production.

The Deica’s Famly Winery is located in Canelones, and in its grounds visitors will find the ¨Estancia San José¨, known as La Calera. The estancia was property of the Jesuitic order that established their domains before 1740 for both their members and local populace.

Useful information:

Special diets: vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options available.

Open everyday from 10 AM to 3 PM

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¨Alquimista¨ the ecclectic alchemists in Montevideo

This boutique hotel is owned by Carolina Vernengo y Mark Sexton. Located in Carrasco borough, Montevideo, they “offer what we like to receive. We seek that our guests and visitors have a very good time.¨ With a singulas 1925 style, balancing classic and modern, the former residency was restored and works as hotel since 2017, attended by its owners.

Its ambience and attention to detail lets you feel the love for their craft, and enjoy an art gallery with works from Uruguayan artists such as Gustavo Tabares, Hugo Longa, María Freire y Lacy Duarte, vintage tableware, Persian carpets, among other particular details.

The establishements name, meaning alchemist, is because of the trasnformation experienced by both their visitors, who seek peace and harmony; and their dishes, which ingredients go from one state to another by the work of Chef Gonzalo Triñanes.

The menu changes each season, and it has options for those who want a light dish, and those who want a complete lunch or dinner. They work with the best export level meat, local fish, and vegetables from independent farmers.
Most of the dishes are slow-cooking, inspired by country recipes. One of the favourites is the meat pie, prepared with beer broth, rosemary and bayleaf, cooked for six hours wrapped in crucnchy dough. It’s the perfect place for family, couples, and small groups of friends to enjoy breakfast, afternoon tea, or wine tastings, in a relaxed atmosphere. Es el lugar perfecto para encontrarse con amigos o parejas a tomar un desayuno o el té en un ambiente distendido, así como organizan eventos y degustación de vinos uruguayos. Apart from the old house and the garden, it has a scenic terrace facing the sea.

Special diets: vegetarian, vegen, and gluten free options available

Menu: breakfast, luch, afternoon tea, and dinner

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Feel at home at Lo de Silverio

With it artsy walls, live music, humour and history stamped on their walls, Lo de Silverio (Silverio`s Place) has a flavour of its own. With mainly grilled dishes prepared with different techniques with fresh ingredients, they deliver their ¨love for cooking¨ in their grilled specialties with fish or beef, their homemade pasta, and pizzas that can be enjoyed by midday or in the evening. The kitchen is run by Roberto Ravecca and the grill by Martín Duarte, business partners in the restaurant.

Since 1903, this now classic place started as a general store placed in the Villa Dolores borough, Montevideo, on 1655 Alejo Rossell & Rius St., and it´s still a meeting place with its familiar feeling unchanged because of the staff attention.

The decoration on its walls, with objects gathered for all those years, are a testament to it´s long and rich history with elements that nod to both Arts and Culture. Among its regular customers, they count writer Eduardo Galeano and singers Daniel Viglietti, Alejandro Balbi, Tabaré Cardoso, El Alemán, Paco Ibáñez, Skay Beilinson (guitarist from the Argentine rock band ¨Redonditos de Ricota¨), and filmmaker Emir Kusturica; they are all part of the place where ¨culture and cuisine merge¨, according to Duarte. They must-try dishes are the rib eye steak with grilled vegetables, their stews, and the sourdough bread that accompanies every dish.

Useful information

Menu: lunch, dinner, and special events with prior reservation

Opens from Wednesday to Sunday. From 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM; and from 8:00 PM to 12:30 AM

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