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Mercado Ferrando, a new meeting point for chefs, local producers and onlookers.

Getting hold of the best Uruguayan craft beers at a good price, carefully choosing among several premium cuts of meat, enjoying a hot chocolate with churros on a communal table where you can interact with other diners, having an ice tea while the store manager talks about trendy beverages, or tasting origin coffee and picking your own fruit which you will take home later, are some of the alternatives that can be experienced at the Mercado Ferrando in the Cordón neighborhood in Montevideo.

In the past years this area has had a strong take-off and has seen the birth of countless gastronomic ventures and night pubs that lure university students but also people in their 30s, 40s and "even more" who look for stylish surroundings where they can dine peacefully and taste new flavors.

The new venture created by Maxime Degroote, a Belgian and Pierina Lanzaro, a Uruguayan, can be defined as a large market of flavors. It was built under the roof of an old furniture factory with heritage value dating from the 19th century.

According to the entrepreneurs, from the beginning they aimed at selecting independent ventures and preventing the place from being overcrowded with "branches of".

"A selection of local proposals with global mentality" is the logo in the marketing material used by the market and this is perceived in the environment when one listens to the store managers, who are often the owners of the enterprise, explaining with devotion the characteristics of their products.

In terms of food, international cuisine and gourmet is the protagonist, highlighting Peruvian food, Mexican food and a salad bar with organic and healthy products.
The facilities with more than 2000 square meters and the decoration of the project are worthy of admiration. On the ground floor one can find shops selling products and a large food court with rustic furniture and warm lighting that draws visitors to stay and chat.

On the upper floor, there are restaurants that have their own space to eat. Simultaneously, an area for musical and artistic events is planned to open next year.

Flavors that you have to taste...

1) Ganache. In addition to having a coffee in the market, one can take home ground or toast coffee and clear all the doubts with the barista in charge of the store. For the summer, they offer ice cream coffee with Bailey's of Dulce de Leche, a temptation for those who enjoy discovering new sweet flavors.

2) Wuyi. A small teashop of loose leaves teas, which offers more than 60 varieties of European origin. Those who choose this infusion to accompany more meditative breaks will certainly long for this store.

3) Lutini. This sweet corner offers baking supplies and aims at the consumption of pure chocolate and chocolate coating from different places in Brazil.

The poke bowls store was all the rage at the opening. Different bases are offered such as sushi rice, whole meal, quinoa, green mix and protein such as tuna, tofu and salmon.

5) Chelato. The ice cream parlor that has become a classic of gourmet tours is also present at Mercado Ferrando.

Librería del Mercado. (Market’s Bookstore). Books are also sold in the market because the soul also needs to feed itself. This is a bookstore specialized in cooking with collection titles for lovers of gastronomy.

Chaná Street 2120
Opening hours: Sundays to Wednesdays from 10.00 a.m. to 00 a.m. and Thurdays to Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 01 a.m.
Parking on Joaquín de Salterain street.