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Climate, language and religion

  • What are the characteristics of the climate in Uruguay? Abrir o Cerrar

    The climate in Uruguay is mild and humid (on average 17°C), with warm summers and homogeneous rainfall throughout the year. Its latitude is between 30ºS and 35ºS and there are four distinct seasons. However, a clear difference exists between the northern and southern parts of the country. The zone located in the extreme northeast of the country (Artigas, Salto, Rivera) is considerably warmer, with an average temperature between 18-19 °C and an average of 1400 mm of rainfall per year (the typical climate in the most northern part of the country is known as “mild subtropical”). In the south and east (Montevideo, Maldonado, Rocha, Lavalleja) temperatures are slightly cooler with an average of 16°C and an average yearly rainfall of 1000 mm (these zones have the characteristics of a “mild maritime” climate). http://www.meteorologia.com.uy/.

  • What is the predominate religion? Abrir o Cerrar

    Uruguay is a secular state with absolute freedom of worship. The separation of church and state was established in the Constitution of 1919. The majority religion is Catholicism with a 47.1% following, however, some of this percentage does not actively practice. Other religions practiced in Uruguay are Protestantism, Judaism or a syncretism between Catholicism and other religions; all which have respective places in which to practice.

  • What language is spoken in Uruguay?Abrir o Cerrar

    The main language spoken in Uruguay is Spanish. Additionally, there are some regions along the border where Portuñol Riverense is spoken.