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Sport Fishing

Whether you prefer saltwater fishing or fresh water fishing, Uruguay offers both in a diverse range of fantastic fishing spots for the recreational fisher. In contrast to other countries in the region, the best fresh water fishing areas are only a few kilometers away from the capital where you can find nice clear water creeks with local fish, weighing up to 5 or 6 kilos. Some of the best fishing in the Paraná basin can be found in the Uruguay River in the department of Salto where catches can weigh in at over 15 kilos. Diverse and pleasant fauna and flora surround our beautiful landscapes makes Uruguay perfect for outdoor activities. In addition, on the Brazil-Uruguay border, the eastern coastline provides great year-round fishing for migratory fish suitable for sport fishing. Black Corvina, Sargo, White Corvina, Burriquetas, Hake, small fish, Pejerrey and Anchovies are some of the most sought after fish our waters have to offer. Most of the aforementioned species can even be fished with just a rod and reel, from the shore. The larger black Corvinas and Sole fish often weigh as much as 10 kilos and have historically been one of the most treasured catches for Uruguayan fishers.

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