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Punta del Diablo, perfect for surfers of all levels

This is a small fishing town, home of the biannual national surfing champions. The Rivero beach, faces eastwards that gets swells from the east ranging up to 2-meter in height. Depending on the state of the sandbanks, the most favorable winds come from the S, SW, W, NW, and N. Punta del Diablo also gets swells from the S and SW, which come in after sweeping through the rocks, past the monument and come to an end at the beach, breaking both to left and right. With a strong SW wind, one can surf comfortably. This is an easy wave, perfect for all levels of surfing and with several points at which the waves start to break. The Viuda Beach faces S-SE and provides very strong waves with various beach breaks. These waves also tend to be bigger and take on more tube-like shapes due to the flatter sandbanks. The best winds here are E, NE, N, NW, and W.

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