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Surfing in Canelones

Clean sand coasts with small coves rounded off by rocky points, surrounded by the Río de la Plata.
From the Pando river mouth to the Solis Stream, breaking points commonly face the S or SE, and are able to be surfed in optimal conditions, with clean swells coming from S and SE and winds coming from N and NW.
Waves here generally do not exceed a meter in height, although a few times year some beaches may witness waves of 1.5 meters, ideal for beginner level surfers. In this area, sandbanks are more consistent during the summer months, due to strong spring winds from N and NE forming sand banks which the winter’s S, SW winds, also known as the pamperos, then remove.
The most-frequented beaches are Atlántida, Santa Lucía del Este, and Jaureguiberry or the Solís' river mouth, but there are also plenty of other spots alongside this 70 kilometer stretch that are good for practicing sports and relaxing.

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