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Challenging the Rocha waves

From the mouth of the Rocha Lagoon to the Barra del Chuy (bordering Brazil), there are countless different kinds of beaches where surfers can find their own beach just for themselves. Find your special spot to surf on your own while surrounded by beautiful landscapes and sea life. 

La Paloma
This is a surfing town on the coast of Rocha, which has two well-differentiated areas perfect for sport. The Southern area (Los Botes, Zanja Honda, and Corumba) has waves that reach over 2 meters. The Eastern area (La Aguada) is perfect for enjoying the sunrise facing the swells along the 7km long coastline stretching to La Pedrera.

Cabo Polonio
Despite being hard to reach, this paradise of sand dunes and white beaches is home to some excellent waves. The Southern Beach produces some great waves when the tide is south bound and the wind in the opposite direction. Here in Cabo Polonio, there are waves for everyone and for every style, taste and skill level. From the stream to the lighthouse all you have to do is pick a spot and enjoy. Throughout the year, including during the summer months, there are very few surfers and there’s a good chance that you’ll be surfing in solitude. La Calavera faces ENE, and is the only beach with this orientation on the whole of the coast. Here there are even fewer people and is it rare to find anyone surfing at all. Further towards Valizas you can also enjoy incredible beaches with long dunes and high quality waves.

Punta del Diablo
This is a small fishing town, home to the biannual national surfing champions. The Rivero beach, faces eastwards that gets swells from the east ranging up to 2-meter in height. Depending on the state of the sandbanks, the most favorable winds come from the S, SW, W, NW, and N. Punta del Diablo also gets swells from the S and SW, which come in after sweeping through the rocks, past the monument and come to an end at the beach, breaking both to left and right. With a strong SW wind, one can surf comfortably. This is an easy beach to surf on, perfect for all levels of surfing and with several points at which the waves start to break. The Viuda Beach faces S-SE and provides very strong waves with various beach breaks. These waves also tend to be bigger and take on more tube-like shapes due to the flatter sandbanks. The best winds here are E, NE, N, NW, and W.

Santa Teresa

During the low season, one can practically surf alone. This is a beach well-frequented by Brazilians, especially during carnival season. Great waves can be found by the Pesqueros de Playa Grande beach, El Barco, and La Moza beaches.


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