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Playing on the Altos of the Arapey

This is a beautiful 18-hole course, par 73 for gentlemen and 72 for ladies, with a total yardage of 7200, located at the 564th kilometer of Route 3 in the Salto department. It offers an ideal environment for the sport's lovers. The course opened in 2011 and its design includes long mirrors of water that frame and elevate the game. It has an excellent Driving Range and Putting Green in which to practice comfortably. It also offers accommodations and all the services from the Altos del Arapey Hotel, and a well-equipped Club House which was designed to be a meeting point and brings forth the fraternity the game is known for.

Adress: Termas del Arapey. Salto
Telephone: (5982) 9007358
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web site: www.altosdelarapey.com
Construction: 2011
Designer: Ernesto Llovet
Hoyos 18- Ida 3648 - Vuelta 3552 - Total: 7.200 yds.
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