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Sargo, catching a formidable opponent

Along with the black drum, the silverside, and the flounder, the sargo ranks high for sports fishing due to its fighting temperament and complex habitat.
If sea conditions allow, the sargo will travel almost exclusively in shoals, which means that, when found, it is very likely that one sargo will take the bait immediately after  it hits the water.
Sargos found off the coast can weigh a little more than a kilo. This is a fish with a hard and small mouth, and it has a short dental formation with which is breaks mussels open. This is the sargo's greatest food source.

Season and Places
The sargo's high season starts in La Tuna just when fall starts in April or May and, as the season progresses, the sargo can be found further east.
There are ports, like José Ignacio, where the sargo is present almost all year, however high season ends towards November, when the large shoals become less frequent.
The sargo lives near the coastal bedrock from the island of La Tuna, in front of Costa Azul in Canelones, to the beaches of Rocha: Cabo Polonio, Punta del Diablo, and Santa Teresa.
Its erratic behavior means you can find good fishing spots for sargo in Punta Ballena or Gorriti Island well into summer. They frequent the ports all along the coast of Maldonado, such as Punta Fría, Punta Colorada y Punta Negra – over to the town of Piriápolis – and eastward towards Punta Ballena, Isla de Gorriti, José Ignacio, La Paloma, and even further along the Rocha coast. In Punta del Diablo there is a rock formation called Widow's Hill where sargo fishing is extremely bountiful, mainly in July and August.

Fishing and Gear
The sargo's particular habit of living near rocks where waves crash constantly forces the fisherman to always keep his equipment in his hand, in order to react to possible bites immediately and to prevent the specimen from lodging any equipment in the bedrock. When the fish bites, its behavior is very erratic; it can either tense-up or loosen the line, so it is necessary to keep the line taught and hold it tight.

Sargo fishing is done simply with a fishing rod and reel (of strong resistence, rotating or frontal, with 20 pound line) and a long rod (between 3 and 3.6 meters), that can stand up to 30 pounds, rigid enough to be able to take on combative specimens in bedrock.

The lightest weights are the best, between 30 and 50 grams, to avoid obstacles when waiting for a bait or reeling a fish in.

Since the sargo live around rocks they can also be caught effectively with simple rods between 7 and 8 meters, and small fusiform floats of between 8 and 10 centimeters long.

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