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White croaker, a species for those who enjoy boat fishing

This is a species emblematic of the River Plate Estuary and, while shore-casting can give good results, it is best caught from a boat. The white croaker has a special antagonistic behavior that manifests in violently seeking the seabed after taking the bait. Average adult specimens weigh in at 3 kilos, however larger ones are known to swim near Cuchilla Alta and Montevideo.

Season and Places
The white croaker has the longest season for fishing, practically all-year round. It is in Montevideo where larger croakers can be found, which helps keep the hundreds of small sport fishing club boats busy the whole year round.
There is a volcanic formation in Cuchilla Alta in Canelones called “Bajos del Solís”, where large croakers can also be found.
The croaker is also commonly found in José Ignacio, Punta del Este, Piriápolis, and Atlántida.


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