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Burriqueta: Catching the “Spring Queen”

The burriqueta is known in Montevideo as the “spring queen.” It is the only species found on the Uruguayan maritime shore that lacks an air bladder, so it is all meat after it is cut along the underside to remove the viscera. The burriqueta is a sought after species with high culinary value and combative attitude. During its high season, an average of 100 pieces can be caught by groups of two or three fishermen, without ever having to leave the fishing clubs in the capital, Montevideo.

Season and Places

Burriqueta can be found all across Uruguay's maritime coast. In Maldonado and Rocha, to a varying degree depending on the season, they are available all year long. It is in Montevideo, however, where the burriqueta boom during September through November. During this time, the so-called“Burriqueta mattress”, as it is known locally, appears in Montevideo, boasting large shoals.

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