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Grouper, a species to fish on the maritime coast

There are three species of groupers in Uruguay, similar in anatomy but differentiated by their colors and their dorsal fin. The different groupers are: the schemia, which is brightly colored with yellow and orange, the garopa, with brown and horizontal stripes, and the common grouper (Mero), of a brownish color. The scale color of fish changes depending on the waters the fish inhabits, a phenomenon that occurs in every species, fresh and ocean water alike, but is especially common in groupers.

Season and Places

The Mero can be always be found in José Ignacio near Punta del Este during the fall and winter months. Especially large specimens need strong equipment and skill to be reeled in. The Mero family inhabits the oceanic coast of Uruguay (Maldonado and Rocha shores). Meros are exclusive to bedrock waters, so fishing for them is done by boat, ideally from José Ignacio, La Paloma, or Cabo Polonio.

Fishing and Gear

The Mero usually tries to take refuge in rock cavities immediately after it takes the bait, which results in many broken fishing lines. In order to catch a Mero, therefore, stronger gear is needed.
Fishing for mero can be done in the same places as other species, such as sargos or white croaker are found. We advise 30 pound lines instead of 25 pound lines for white croaker fishing and hooks with monofilaments of up to 40 pounds.

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