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Anchovies, a fishing experience on the maritime shore

This is truly a species built for hunting. With a mouth full of sharp teeth capable of cutting through lines used for catching other species, fishers need to be careful with their equipment when fishing for anchovies. Anchovies move about in large shoals, resulting in periods of constant activity. The anchovy, like other species, has periods where they are more predictable but, as is the case with the rest of the rich fauna of the Plata Estuary, they can be full of surprises.

Season and places

Anchovies are present all year, however they are most common during the mid-fall when generous fish bounties arrive, since this species always presents in large shoals.
They are found all along the maritime coast, with a higher concentration in Montevideo and Cuchilla Alta, because of the east-west migratory patterns of sea species. In José Ignacio, anchovy fishing is frequent just as it also is in Punta del Este and other prominent ports of the area.

Fishing and equipment

Anchovy fishing requires specific equipment, however visitors will be able to get everything that is required to face any challenge that the species might present.

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