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Surubí, a fishing experience in fresh water

Every season, specimens of over 30 kilos are caught and, sometimes, even more formidable examples of more than 40 or 50 kilos appear, a phenomenon that lures many fishermen from across the region. However, regulation stipulates that only one specimen may be kept per boat per day. The fishing hub is located only 10 kilometers from the Daymán thermal center, which provides great accommodation services for visitors.

Season and Places
The surubí season lasts from the end of May to mid-August, in temperatures of 0 to 18 degrees Celsius. During the winter months of June, July, and August, fishing in the Uruguay River, “Los Corrales” is very popular. It is about 10 kilometers south of the city of Salto. Fishing for the surubí  draws hundreds of enthusiasts every year to go after the biggest fish living in the Paraná and Uruguay Rivers.

Fishing and Equipment

Unlike the dorado, the surubí does not jump, but rather it fights instead by heading down to the river bed, dragging the boat and demanding more line from the reel, a truly exciting sensation for the fishing enthusiast. It is a highly static species, and so, when a large shoal is around, everyone should be able to catch one. This is part of the reason why the 2006 fishing regulation was imposed, in order to not deplete the species’ numbers.  

In order to prevent the extinction of the species, only one fish is allowed to be captured per boat per day. However a good fisherman should always put back the animal into the water after enjoying the fish's fighting strength.
The surubí is a fish that lives exclusively on the riverbeds, so it is imperative to use lures that can sink deep.
For this reason, trolling is commonly practiced, always in the same direction as the river’s current, so that the lure can descend to the riverbed. Boats can float 3 to 5 kilometers down river and then return at full speed to start over on what locals call “caída”, which is fishing down river. The lures for both the dorado and the surubí are very similar, however when fishing for surubí the lures must be able to descend deeper than 10 - 14 meters.

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