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Competitive and sport fishing

Uruguay is a destination for lovers of both fresh and ocean water fishing, holding many advantages over other countries in the region. For example, the best fresh water fishing can be found just a few kilometers away from the capital city, there are clear-water streams with iridescent tarariras that can weigh in at more than 5 or 6 kilos, and in the department of Salto, on the Uruguay River, the best fishing in the whole of Cuenca of Paraná awaits. Here, it is common to catch 15 kilo dorados.
In Uruguay, tourists can enjoy activities in natural environments gifted with beautiful sights, flora and fauna and pleasant weather conditions. From from the border with Brazil to Montevideo, the eastern maritime coast of the country is home to many species with stable populations or constant migratory patterns, both of which are advantegous factors for sport fishing.
Black drums, flounders, sargos, white croaker, southern kingfish, silversides and anchovies, among others, are some of the species that are highly attractive for fishing aficionados. Most of these species can be caught right off the coast, with a simple fishing reel. Big black drums and flounders that can weigh more than 10 kilos are an found exclusively in the Uruguayan maritime coastal region, and one of the great trophies for fishermen.

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