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Art, culture, adventure and quality of life are some of the many attributes that it is possible to enjoy in Guichón, a small town with just over 5,000 inhabitants located 100 km from the city of Paysandú, next to Route 90, at the junction with Route 4.
More than twenty sculptures and murals by the artist Juan Carlos Ualde and the emblematic “La palma sola” by Octavio Podestá are just a small sample of the charming works you can enjoy in its public spaces.
Visits to the Queguay medicinal herbs pharmacy, in the Calzada de Andrés Pérez, and the Almirón Thermal Center, the only salt water in the region, are highly recommended for those who come in search of well-being and healthy practices.

Delve into history

On the outskirts of the city you can get to know the Cañada Grande site, its history of battles, and walk around the Butiá Yatay Palms. Here you will find the site of the “Battle of Palmar”, in addition to natural fields, the natural Cuchilla de Haedo landscapes, old farms and small villages with stone walls. The ruins of the ranch where Melchora Cuenca lived with General José Artigas, next to the Andrés Pérez Pass of the Queguay Grande River, is a must for history aficionados. You can also pay a visit to the “El Ancla” farm, known for its museum whose pieces reflect the process of military confrontations between the blancos & colorados (white and red parties).
In the Cuchilla del Fuego and its surroundings you can see the Lunar Calendar, a 28 part petroglyph, and the Camino de los Indios, a section of an ancient footpath which is attributed to the Guarani.
From Guichón you can also see the Charrúa “Betum Artasam Baquiu” memorial, a work of the plastic artist Juan Carlos Ualde, in memory of the Charrúa nation, installed by the Salsipuedes River, a site where one of the genocides of these people took place.

A privilege of nature

In the protected area of Montes del Queguay there are interpretive trails of native flora and fauna, an ideal environment for spotting different species of birds, bats and mammals as well as learning about native trees.
The Queguay River is a great setting for kayaks or canoe descents. The contrast between the calm, clear water lagoons and the exciting rapids makes it an ideal place for adventure sport and to enjoy the natural surroundings. Sport fishing is also common in the region, with tiger fish and golden dorados caught by baitcasting, spinning or flycasting.

Adrenaline and Heights

The Guichón skies are also clear for small plane rides. Tourists can fly over the largest area of continuous natural forest terrain in Uruguay and treat themselves to an unforgettable experience with optional tours. Finally, the natural landscapes and walkways allow you to ride along and discover the deep beauty of Uruguay. Mountain bike circuits are also a memorable recreational option.